C J Fowler

Charles Jefford Fowler died in France on 1 June 1916 of wounds received on 23 May.

He was the son of Sir George and Lady Fowler, of Oatlands Chase, Weybridge, Surrey. Fowler went to Wellington in the Lent term of 1902. He was in the Blücher and was made a School Prefect in 1906 before going up to Trinity, Oxford. He was initiated in the Apollo University Lodge No 357 in 1906, during his time up at Oxford. He also joined Iris Lodge No 2545 in January 1907.

After taking he degree he became a school master at Sandroyd School in Cobham. He studied for the Bar whilst teaching and was admitted a member of the Inner Temple. He also joined the Inns of Court OTC.

When the war started he volunteered and was commissioned and gazetted to the Royal Fusiliers. He served with the 22nd Battalion.

His Battalion CO wrote:

“He very gallantly led his company through an intense barrage (old warriors describe it as the worst of the war) to almost within thirty yards of the German trench, where he was shot. After his Captain was shot, which was early in the fight, he assumed command. His conduct was most gallant, and his leadership perfection.”