R G H Clutton

R G H Clutton

Rex Gordon Hastings Clutton AMIEE was in the Picton from 1928.

Clutton was an Electrical Engineer by profession, who became somewhat of an expert on magnetic fields as they relate to ships.This was crucial war work in the second world war and then became hugely relevant in peacetime with the advent of oil tankers.

He joined the Assistant Superintendent of Degaussing (the process of reducing the magnetic field on ships, see definition) in 1940 from industry where he had been Works Manager of the Siemens-Sohuckert (GB) factories. In 1946 he joined TEE Greenock as Works Manager. He was promoted to PSO in 1951 and transferred to DRPP Admiralty to head a section responsible for providing works, machinery and equipment for the Navy R&D Establishments. He joined Admiralty Oil Lab Cobham in 1970 and became head of Engineering.

Away from work he was a keen sailor, skier and a vintage car racing. He was a founder member and Vice Commodore of the Civil Service Sailing Association and member of the RNSA since 1949.

He was initiated in 1944, and became Master in 1953, and stayed with the Lodge until his death in 1986, some 42 years.

R G H Clutton. 1956 VSCC OULTON PARK in a 1927 AMILCAR 6