Review of the November 2005 meeting

Such is the increasing interest among OWs in masonry that, for the first time since the 1960s, it was necessary to raise two brethren at the same time to the sublime degree of a master mason.

The WM, W. Bro. Jeremy Moss was generous in his approach to his year in the Chair of King Solomon and extended invitations to other brethren to complete the ceremonies. In a remarkable presentation W. Bro. Hew Dunn and W. Bro. Stephen Dudley elevated those present with their authority and command. The exposition of the tracing board, given by a Past-Master, was word perfect to an extent rarely heard in lodges and delivered at a pace that made the fine words both understandable and enjoyable in their reception.

Marking a return to the Kingsway Hall the brethren dined in some splendour with a wise choice of menu. The lodge has a rule that speeches at the festive board are generally frowned upon, a rule that goes back some 95+ years to a period before the First World War. But on a few occasions, a very few, exceptions are made. Such was the case when W. Bro. Hawley rose to record the Masonic career of Bro. Count Charles Goblet d’Alviella and his hopes for his future in the craft.

Review of the October 2005 meeting

Bro. Jeremy Moreton Moss was installed into the Chair of King Solomon with the assistance of visiting Masters from the Old Reptonian and Old Bradfield Lodges. As with so many meetings, the installation was further enriched with a number of guests including the visiting Master from Prince Leopold Lodge, Grand Officers Peter Hamel-Cooke, Robin Atkins and Russell John Race, the Deputy Metropolitan Grand Master.

Review of the May 2005 meeting.

The lodge met at Wellington College to witness the passing to the second degree of the College Chaplain Rev’d Fr. Andrew Richards. The lodge was pleased to recommend W. Bro. Christopher Collins [Hopetoun 53-57] (PPGnd Swd B Shropshire) as a joining member. We were additionally honoured by the presence of VW Bro. Sir Richard Buckley and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master for Berkshire VW Bro. John Owen, who together with six reigning masters from public schools lodges met to celebrate the achievements of the retiring (head) master for Wellington College, Hugh Monro at a dinner in his honour. He was pleased to receive donations of £700.00 each to the College Bevir fund and the St George’s Kidney Patients Association, this year’s selected charity of the master of the lodge W. Bro. Tom Hawley. Bro. Jeremy Moreton Moss was elected master and W. Bros Nigel Birch and a Past-Master treasurers for the relevant parts of the ensuing year.

Review of the February 2005 meeting.

The lodge celebrated the completion of a third degree with the raising of Bro. John Edwards, also Secretary of the Old Wellingtonian Society. The brethren’s grasp and performance of the ritual was a tribute to the aims and practices of Freemasonry.

Looking ahead to the May meeting, held annually at Wellington College, the members welcomed the acceptance by the Master of the College, Hugh Monro to be guest of honour at a white table dinner to honour his achievements during the five years of his mastership.

Members established a strategic planning team in preparation for the centenary celebrations of the Lodge in 2009 to be led by the Director of Ceremonies, W. Bro. James Milne.

A choral version of the College Song, “Carmen Heroidum” – professionally recorded in January – was placed on the website by courtesy of the Director of Music.

Departed Merit John Underdown PAGDC

The funeral of John Underdown was held at Slough Crematorium on Tuesday, 14th December, 2004 at 12.30.

The funeral was very well attended with every possible seat and standing place taken. As well as family and friends members of the Old Wellingtonian, Herschel, and other lodges were present at what was a solemn, moving, and Masonic celebration of John’s life.

After the opening hymn, “Praise my Soul the King of Heaven”, John’s son-in-law Robert Males gave an excellent eulogy. This was followed by his grandchildren Mikala and Liam who read a poem entitled simply “to Grandad”. Clearly distraught by the passing of their grandfather they read clearly but tearfully, and in turn brought tears to the eyes of many of those present. The Masonic closing ode was sung, and the priest ended with a solemn prayer in which he took as his central theme the immortal mansions of the Grand Lodge above.

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Review of the November 2004 meeting

W. Bro Thomas Hawley and his Officers performed a first degree initiation ceremony in fine form.

The Lodge celebrated W. Bro. John Underdown’s 50th anniversary in Freemasonry. Grand Lodge provided a Long Service certificate to commemorate this event.
Members of the Lodge presented W.Bro. John with a rose bowl to mark this special milestone. In his absence on the day this was formally presented at the Herschel Lodge No. 1894 in the Province of Buckinghamshire on a day in which W.Bro. John was installed into the chair of King Solomon, the third generation of Underdowns to do so.

The engraving reads:
Old Wellingtonian Lodge 3404
Presented to
W. Bro. John W Underdown
Grand Officer
50 Years Meritorious Service
1954 – 2004+

W. Bro. Geoffrey Baber addressed the Lodge highlighting the exceptional service W.Bro. John had performed to Freemasonry and especially the Old Wellingtonian Lodge. This was further added to by VW. Bro. Jervis Kay QC

Review of the October 2004 Installation meeting

A Past-Master installed Bro. Thomas Hawley into the Chair of King Solomon in some style. He looks forward to a productive year ahead. A review of the year’s charitable giving followed with letters of appreciation from the several charities that had benefited from members’ donations. A splendid festive board at the Holborn Grange Hotel in Southampton Row was enjoyed by the brethren who were privileged to welcome masters from the Old Bradfield & Old Paulines Lodges and the Visiting Grand Officer Anthony Lucas.