Gallantry & Service


The Brethren of the Lodge have been recognised for their military and civilian service over the years.


Many have been rewarded for their gallantry, and have held between them a Victoria Cross, twenty Distinguished Service Orders, twenty-one Military Crosses, a Distinguished Flying Cross and the Humane Society Bronze Medal, and their service has been recognised with a British Empire Medal, and fifteen Volunteer Efficiency, Reserve and Territorial Decorations .


To that one may add those who were inducted into the various British orders of chivalry: Six Garters, a Thistle, a St Patrick, fourteen Baths (including five from the deep end), five Stars of India, fifteen St Michaels & St George, five Indian Empires, twelve Victorians, and thirty-four British Empires (of which three were Knights).


Several have been honoured by other countries including two Legion d’Honneurs and four Croix de Guerre from France, two Croix de Guerre from Belgium, a Greek MC, the Italian Silver Medal for Valour and Cavalier of the Order of St Maurice & St Lazarus, the Serbian Order of the White Eagle, the Imperial Ottoman Order of the Osmanieh and an Order of the Elephant from Thailand.