W Sanger

Courtesy of Wellington College Archive

Installed in November 1917, William Sanger CB was the last  Deputy Master of the Lodge during the Great War.

The Founding Treasurer of the Lodge and another member of Apollo Lodge No 357, Sanger had gone to Wellington in 1886, to the Hardinge, the same year as fellow founders Freeling Lawrence and William Bayne Powell. He was capped in the XV before winning an exhibition to Corpus Christi College, Oxford, where he rowed for the College VIII and was initiated into freemasonry.

On coming down he became a member of the Indian Civil Service, one of the ‘Heaven Born’. He would also work at the Ministry of Pensions and was a masonic historian, writing a short history of Burton Court Lodge No 3864.

He was a Grand Junior Deacon, and joined Royal Naval College and United Service Lodge No 1593. As well as serving as the Lodge’s Treasurer, he went on to be DC, holding both roles for six years.