A J Harriss

A J Harriss (A 1928)
Courtesy of Wellington College Archive

Alwin John Harriss was in the Anglesey from 1925, like his Brother, the very Wellingtonian-name Stanley Talbot Harriss (no, their father was not an OW!), who had come to Wellington in 1919.

Harriss Minor went to Southampton Law School in 1931 and became a solicitor with the Civil Service, initially with the Min of Ag. & Fish. And returning to the Civil Service after the interruption of the Second War, which saw him serving in the RAF Signal Branch.

He was initiated into the Lodge at the same meeting as Rodham Atkinson, but preceded him in the Chair by two years in 1958.

His brother Stanley was initiated into the Lodge in 1955. He was a vet having trained at Edinburgh Veterinary College after Wellington, who ultimately emigrated to New Zealand.