Lord Rathcreedan

The Right Honorable Charles Patrick Norton, the 2nd Baron Rathcreedan was in the Benson from 1919. He went up to Lincoln College Oxford, before becoming a solicitor.

He was a territorial officer with the Ox & Bucks LI, rising to the rank of Major. He was with the 4th Bttn that formed part of 145th  Brigade of the BEF in 1939. He was captured as part of the unit’s heroic defence of Mount Cassel, making time for the evacuation of Dunkirk, and furthermore defending their positions to allow the rest of the formation to attempt a breakout. He was a PoW for the remainder of the war.

Rathcreedan was initiated into Apollo University Lodge No 357 whilst at Lincoln. He rose to become Provincial Grand Master of Oxfordshire in 1955. He joined the OW Lodge in 1958 becoming Worshipful Master a year later 1959.

He also joined Bard of Avon Lodge No 778 at Hampton Court, becoming Master in 1946.  He was also a member of Thames Lodge No 1895, the Lodge of Erin No 2895 in London, Middlesex Masters’ Lodge No 3420, and Methuen Lodge No 631 in Marlow.

He joined Westminster and Key-stone Lodge No 10 and was their Master in 1938.

He was a member of Brooks’s.