A C P Mackworth

Lieutenant Arthur Christopher Paul Mackworth Rifle Brigade died on active service on 25 November 1917.

Mackworth was the son of Sir Arthur William Mackworth 6th Baronet and Lady Alice Mackworth. His brother Francis Julian Audley Mackworth also fell in the Great War and a third brother was killed serving in the West Surrey Regiment at Ladysmith in January 1900.

Mackworth went to the Cathedral School in Llandaff and Charterhouse, where he was in Gownboys, before going up to Magdalen, Oxford.

On coming down he taught at Wellington College from 1911-1912 before returning to Magdalen as a Fellow in 1913.

He was commissioned into the Rifle Brigade and served with the 13th Battalion on the Western Front, but a heart condition forced his return to England where he was attached to the Intelligence Services at Whitehall (now MI5)

He was suffering from insomnia, a symptom of what would today be recognised as Post Traumatic Stress. Mackworth took his own life at home in Albermarle Street with his service revolver. He left a note, together with a cheque to pay for a silver presentation cup for a friend.

The Coroner entered death being caused by temporary insanity, brought on by the insomnia.

He was initiated into the Apollo in 1910 whilst an undergraduate. Whilst teaching at Wellington joined Wellesley Lodge No 1899, then meeting in Crowthorne. He also joined St Mary Magdalen Lodge No 1523, the London lodge of his Oxford College.

He was a member of the Oxford & Cambridge Club.