A J Usborne

Major Alfred James Usborne RFA was killed in action 29 April 1917 during the Arras Offensive.

He was the sixth son of Thomas and Frances Alice Usborne of Writtle, Chelmsford and later married Nell Gordon Uscombe.

He was in the Benson from 1903, then known as Bevir’s House, after its then housemaster and later brother of the Old Wellingtonian Lodge, Joe Bevir.

He went to Woolwich where he was in the Racket’s Pair and represented ‘the Shop’ in the Sword vs Sword competition at the Military Tournament. Commissioned in 1908 he joined the Gunners and served for five years before in India being stationed at Kirkee and Bangalore.

He resigned his commission and took up the study of medicine at St. Thomas’ Hospital, and had passed the first three examinations when War broke put, when he volunteered and was given back his former rank, and was shortly afterwards promoted to Captain.

He went out to France on 20 May 1915. He received his Majority in January, 1917, was wounded and was three times mentioned in despatches.

He was initiated into the Lodge of Unity No 69 in London in 1913, being passed and raised the following spring, prior to outbreak of war.