OW Polo Belt

A genuine Argentine-made polo belt in OW Colours.

Made for the Lodge by a family-run business based in Berkshire, with their own leather workshop in Buenos Aires, the OW Polo Belt is made of high quality hide, with waxed stitching in OW colours matched to the OW Tie with solid brass hardware.

Due to the bespoke nature of these belts orders are taken in batches of at least twenty at a time. If you would like to be included in the next order please click here to email the Secretary with your details.

Please note that the delivery time from placement of the order is approximately 8 weeks.

Availability to OW Community

The Lodge is happy to extend the opportunity to order one of these belts to the OW Community as a whole. Please click here to email the Secretary if you would like to be included in the next order.


Please measure your preferred belt from the tip of the buckle to the middle hole (or preferred hole), and round to the nearest or preferred 5cm. Sizes available up to 120cm.

The belts are also available in two widths – standard at 32mm or slim at 25mm. 


The current price for belts is £50.00, including shipping and VAT. Prices for each batch will be confirmed upon enquiry with the Secretary.

Please note that c.£5.00 of the cost of each belt is contributed to the Lodge’s charity funds, which are distributed to both Masonic and College charities. The final amount will depend on the size of each order and other small variables. 

Customer Feedback

“[The] OW belts must have been made from a very sturdy Argentine Beast… took the belt to add some extra holes to a local cobbler who managed to break his belt hole maker in the process”

“worn the belt at the surgery. Its been noticed by many and complimented. Mainly by nurses” 

Whilst every effort is made to verify feedback as genuine, potential customers should be aware that all effects including those on nurses and cobbler’s tools are not guaranteed. 

The Lodge accepts no liability for hardware or other breakages.

All belts are worn at the wearer’s risk.