W W S C Neville

Major William Warwick Slade Crampton Neville MC* BEM was born in 1894 and went to Wellington in 1907. He was in the Beresford. After Wellington he won a place in the Civil Service by competitive examination which saw him become a clerk in the Estate Duty Office.

The start of the Great War saw him commissioned into the Grenadier Guards where he served with the 3rd Battalion for the duration. He was wounded, mentioned and given two Military Crosses, and by May of 1918 he was an acting Major (but still a substantive Lieutenant and paid as such). The Grenadier Diaries make several mentions of his gallant leadership of 3 company at the first day of the Battle of Pilckem Ridge on 31 July 1917. He was belatedly granted substantive rank as a Major on his retirement in 1920 when he returned to civilian life.

His first MC  citation reads:

“Lt. (A./Capt.) William Warwick Slade-Crampton Neville, MC, G. Gds., Spec. Res. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He led his company with great skill, and gallantry during an attack, in which, he was responsible for protecting the right flank. By his judicious reinforcement at the right moment he very materially contributed to the success of the advance. Later in the day, when wounded, he refused to have his wounds attended to until he had given clear instructions to his subordinate for the consolidation of his company. His pluck and energy were worthy of the highest, praise.” (gazetted 4th June, 1917.)

He joined the Lodge in 1926 DWM 1933. Grand Steward in 1943, JGD 1939

He was initiated into Waterloo Lodge No 3475, joined the OW Lodge in 1926

He was Deputy Master of the OW Lodge in 1933, joining Royal Somerset House & Inverness Lodge No IV the same year. He would go on to be JGD in 1939, No IV would nominate him as a Grand Steward in 1943 before becoming their Master 1944.