J C Inglis

John Campbell Inglis was one of two pairs of brothers who helped found the Old Wellingtonian Lodge, along with his brother Henry Alves Inglis, and Freeling and Frederick Lawrence.

John had been initiated in 1897 into Royal Somerset House & Inverness Lodge No IV, one of the two ancient and time immemorial Lodges that head the list of lodges in England. He  became Master of No IV in 1906. Being a Red Apron Lodge they nominated him as their Grand Steward in 1907 and he went on to become Grand Junior Deacon in 1911. He served the OW Lodge for 36 years.

He went on to help found Doneraile Lodge N 3558 in 1911 and was a joining member of Connaught Lodge No 3270. He also joined No IV’s Chapter, and was a member of the PSLC Chapter.

Inglis went to Wellington in 1880 to the Stanley and was made a Prefect, before going up to New College, Oxford. He graduated and became a solicitor in the City.

Inglis present a Silver Mounted Snuff Horn engraved with Masonic Emblems to Royal Somerset House & Inverness Lodge No IV in 1915 which can be seen at the Library & Museum of Freemasonry at Freemasons Hall in London. It is one of nine items held there from him.