Ceremony of Passing – February 2017

Ceremony of Passing, February, 2017

Over the last year, we have been fortunate in having a number of young men being Initiated into our Lodge. Therefore, we have much work to do in the Lodge and to avoid long delays for the brethren wishing to make Masonic progress, we have been able to involve other Public Schools Lodges Council Lodges. They have been most helpful by undertaking to “Pass” some of our brethren at their meetings, which in turn strengthens our bonds with those Lodges and their members.
At our 417th meeting, held at Freemasons Hall, London on 9th February, one of those brethren took his next step in Masonry and was “Passed” by the Worshipful Master, Derek Barrett, assisted by his Wardens and the Senior Deacon. The brethren afterwards proceeded to the East India Club, to celebrate the occasion in the customary Lodge manner!
We now look forward to our next meeting in May, when we will be returning to College for our annual visit and to re-live old memories.

Report on meeting held on Thursday, 28th February 2013

The Old Wellingtonian Lodge met at Freemasons’ Hall, London for a 2nd Degree ceremony (Passing).  The meeting was held by dispensation on a different date to usual, due to the expected lack of attendance on Valentine’s Day.

The Worshipful Master, WBro Bob Bartlett, conducted the ceremony with his customary lively style.  After obligating the candidate, he gave up the Chair of King Solomon for WBro Derek Barrett to complete the remainder of the ritual, passing the candidate as a Fellowcraft.  Bro Matthew Saunders provided excellent support and guidance to the candidate as Senior Deacon and the 2nd degree working tools were delivered in fine style by Bro Jon Rance.  The ceremony was concluded by WBro Rory Shackleton giving a faultless explanation of the tracing board of this degree.

After the meeting some 18 members and visitors retired to the Newton Arms for an informal dinner.  We look forward to our summer meeting in May back at Wellington College.

Report on meeting held on Tuesday 8th November

The November meeting was held at Freemasons' Hall in London’s Great Queen Street, WC2.

Given the time of year and the fact that several of our members, including the Worshipful Master and the candidate of the evening are based abroad, the interest and passion shared by members of the Old Wellingtonian Lodge in their Freemasonry was visible in abundance, with a particularly well attended meeting.

It is customary  and encouraged to invite brethren from other masonic lodges. As such we had several guests for the evening including two of the candidate's personal friends from other Public School Lodges who came to support their friend and brother be passed to the degree of a Fellowcraft.

Our meeting in November being close to Armistice day and given Wellington's important link to the armed forces, W.Bro. T Hawley read out the names of the 16 brethren of this Lodge who had made the ultimate sacrifice, and the Chaplain led the lodge in the act of remembrance.

The main part of the meeting was a fine ceremony as the candidate was passed to the degree of Fellow Craft,  which was carried out with good humour and great flair.  This was conducted under the watchful eye of the Metropolitan Grand Inspector, Stephen Fenton, who later professed to having had a very enjoyable evening in our Lodge.

Notable mentions must be made to Bro. John Rance who confidently presented the working tools of a Fellow Craft. W.Bro. Rory Shackleton then delivered a faultless rendition of the second degree tracing board to an attentive audience.

The meeting ended with a highlighting of importance of the lodge website, (www.owl3404.org) Proving to be an important tool in educating the curious more about the Lodge, Freemasonry and the way it works closely with the college.

 Afterwards the members and guests dined at the Crown and Anchor pub in Covent Garden. Members and visitors had an enjoyable evening with plans being made for similar future events.