Installation Meeting – October 2018

The Old Wellingtonian Lodge met for its Installation meeting on 11 October, 2018 to install our new Worshipful Master, W Bro Sidhartha Mallya. Assisted by friends and ruling Masters from the lodges of Repton, Charterhouse and Westminster, and the Secretary Designate of our mother lodge, Household Brigade,  our newly installed Master fluently and confidently appointed and installed his officers and paused to speak passionately and briefly about the importance of looking after our young members and of defending our craft in the face of ill-informed opposition, which he himself had faced only recently. We were also pleased to welcome guests from both Sir Thomas White Lodge and Chapter, Stowe, Onward Lodge No 5540, and Letchworth Lodge No 3505.

The Lodge was well represented with members and guests numbering over 30 on the evening, before repairing for some of the finest beef many had had at a festive board, organised by W Bro Start Bamford and courtesy of the East India, Sports and Public Schools’ club in St James’s. The bar hosted many of those present until closing.

College Meeting – May 2018

The Lodge held its annual early summer meeting at Wellington College on 12 May 2018.

Although the weather proved against the cricketers playing Marlborough, it did encourage members of the Lodge and their guests to focus on matters masonic indoors, rather than lingering on Turf. We were privileged to welcome guests from sister PSLC Lodges: the Old Uppinghamian Lodge, the Old Rugbeian Lodge and Cholemeley Lodge (Highgate School), as well as masons from the Lodge of St George in East Sussex and from Coventry Foundation Lodge in Warwickshire, together with a member of the College Team, a regular guest and member of Be Prepared Lodge in Berkshire.

These meetings are high prized amongst OW Masons, giving us the chance to revisit College and catch up on the physical development of College which seems to come on leaps and bounds every twelve months, and to meet up with members of staff, current Wellingtonians, and of course Potts. This meeting was particularly special as we had the honour of welcoming a new member to the Lodge; An initiation of an OW at Wellington is always special, for the officers and members of the Lodge as much as for the candidate. The Ceremony was carried in fine style by this year’s Worshipful Master W Bro Peter Draper, formerly of Senior Common Room, ably assisted by his IPM, W Bro Derek Barrett, known to so many OWs from the rackets court.

We dined afterwards in the Senior Common Room Dinning Room, joined by a number of members’ and guests’ partners and friends, and by members of the OW Community including Potts and the Worshipful Master’s guests former SCR Colleague Jim Price and his wife Ceri. We were truly sorry neither the Head Boy or Girl could join us, but we appreciate that it is exam season (as it almost always seems to be for students these days?). A wonderful evening, with perhaps the only cloud being the recent demise of the Waterloo Hotel and the resulting longer journeys  home in place of the familiar amble down past the Talbot (and now the Beresford of course) to the bar, especially for the Old Talbotians. Maybe we are all getting a little old to be still climbing that fence anyway…?

We were delighted to make a small contribution to Potts’ forthcoming challenge to walk two legs (or was that to walk on two legs?) of the  London Brighton challenge for Cystic Fibrosis Trust. If anyone else would like to support him he has a Just Giving page, which worth a visit if only for the Knobbly Knees winning photo of the great man himself.

We look forward to returning next year, and would welcome any members of the College Community, OW masons who are not members of the Lodge, members of PSLC Sister lodges, and our frequent and infrequent visitors to join us. Please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary ( or contact us via College. We will try an ensure the dates and details are posted in the usual College, OW, and Masonic places.

Metropolitan Grand Steward

The Old Wellingtonian Lodge and its two past Metropolitan Grand Stewards would like to congratulate W Bro Matthew Saunders (WM 2015) on being appointed as a Metropolitan Grand Steward for the 2018/19 year. We wish him and all this year’s Met Grand Stewards every success and an enjoyable year.

February 2018 – 2nd degree Ceremony of Passing

An unusually large number of members of the Old Wellingtonian Lodge and their guests met at Freemasons’ Hall on 8th February. Before the ceremony of Passing, the Lodge Almoner, Worshipful Brother Jeremy Moreton-Moss, gave a eulogy to remember Brother Ben Hodges LR, who had sadly ascended to the Grand Lodge above since our last meeting.

Worshipful Brother John Ross Barnard presented, in inimitable fashion, a Grand Lodge Certificate to a member who is a fourth generation mason.

The Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Peter Draper (Common Room 2001-2006) then passed a brother to the 2nd degree; Worshipful Brother Moreton-Moss stepped in at the last minute to assist in the ceremony.  Worshipful Brother Charles Goblet d’Alviella gave a first presentation of the 2nd Degree Tracing Board with confidence.

The Worshipful Master congratulated the Lodge on donating £1000 to Alzheimers UK, via Picton House at College; particularly poignant for him, as his younger sister, Wendy Mitchell, has just published the first memoir written by someone who lives with dementia, “Somebody I used to know”; Worshipful Brother Nigel Birch was also able to publicise his book, “No sideshow” about the victory in the Balkans in 1918 (available on Amazon).

After the meeting 31 visitors and guests re-assembled at the East India Club for dinner, which happily coincided with Worshipful Brother James Milne celebrating thirty years as a Mason.

The next meeting will be held at Wellington College on Saturday, 12th May, and will be an Initiation.

November 2017 – Ceremony of Raising – 3rd Degree

At our meeting on 14th November 2017, the Lodge conducted a Ceremony of Raising. Owing to a number of Officers being unavoidably absent, including the Worshipful Master, the Ceremony was performed by the Immediate Past Master, Derek Barrett and Worshipful Brother Rory Shackleton. They were assisted by a team of mainly stand-in Officers, some of whom received very little notice. Nevertheless, the Brethren called on their vast experience to perform admirably and the candidate was conducted around the Lodge by Worshipful Brother Stephen Dudley in a most proficient manner. The Working Tools were presented and explained by Worshipful Brother Matthew Saunders.

As is the custom in the Old Wellingtonian Lodge at the November meeting, the Lodge honoured the memory of those members who made the supreme sacrifice, as well as the 1340 Old Wellingtonians and staff, in the cause of their King and their Country.

The business of the Lodge was completed and the brethren made their way to the East India Club, where an excellent meal was enjoyed in celebration of the making of a new Master Mason.

Installation – Common Room to Common Room

On Thursday, 12th October 2017, the Lodge met for its 419th meeting to Install a new Worshipful Master for 2017-18.
A number of visitors joined us for the meeting, including four brethren from West Lancashire, the Worshipful Master of the Old Haileyburian Lodge, Secretary of the Old Chigwellian Lodge, and the incoming Master’s proposer into Masonry, W. Bro.Tony Perry.

The main business of the evening was the Lodge’s Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Derek Barrett to install his successor, W.Bro. Peter Draper – both former members of Common Room – in the Master’s Chair, which he did with calm sincerity and professionalism. The new Master then appointed the Lodge Officers for the coming year and completed the Lodge business for the evening, ending with a few thoughts on Education and Masonry.

The brethren then moved on to the East India Club to dine in happy fellowship and look forward to the next meeting in November, when a 3rd Degree ceremony will be performed.

October 2016 Installation meeting

On Thursday, 13th October, 2016, the Lodge met for its 415th meeting to Install a new Worshipful Master for 2016-17.

The membership were joined by a number of visitors from far and wide, including the Deputy Provincial Grand Master for Yorkshire, North and East Ridings, a personal guest of the incoming Master. The Lodge was also honoured by an official visit by V.W. Bro. Philip Summers, Assistant Metropolitan Grand Master.

The main business of the evening was for the Lodge’s Worshipful Master, Matthew Saunders to Install his successor, W.Bro. Derek Barrett in the Master’s Chair, which he did in a most sincere and expert manner. The new Master then appointed the Lodge Officers for the coming year and completed the Lodge business for the evening.

The brethren then moved on to the East India Club to dine in happy fellowship and look forward to the next meeting in November, to “happy meet again”.

82nd Festival of the Public Schools Lodges’ Council

On Saturday 30th May 2015, the Old Wellingtonian Lodge hosted the 82nd Festival of the Public Schools Lodges’ Council at Wellington College.

Worshipful Master Alex Stuart-Bamford with his father, Eric-Stuart Bamford Provincial Grand Master of Surrey and the MW Pro Grand Master Peter Geoffrey Lowndes
Worshipful Master Alex Stuart-Bamford with his father, Eric-Stuart Bamford Provincial Grand Master of Surrey and the MW Pro Grand Master Peter Geoffrey Lowndes

The day began with a tea and coffee reception providing time for guests to enjoy the splendid surroundings of College.  For many this was their first visit and for others, it had been many years since their last. Some commented their last arrival had been via school coach when playing Wellington at sport.  The impressive buildings only adding to their nerves before the big game.

During this morning start, the Lodge was opened and business was transacted before being called off.

At 10:30 a chapel service was held.  Many favourite hymns were sung with gusto and Father Tim Novis delivered a meaningful sermon for the day. Following the service we remained in Chapel for a talk about the Battle of Waterloo. Col Giles Orpen-Smellie (OW), provided insight into the preparation for the battle with great detail of the intensity and close call of the battle itself.

Following this splendid talk, masons attended Old Hall for the remainder of our masonic business while non-masonic guests enjoyed champagne in the sunshine on Combermere Quad.

Festival lunch
Festival lunch

In our masonic meeting, we received the MW Pro Grand Master, Peter Geoffrey Lowndes.  W.Bro Stephen Dudley delivered an excellent Oration detailing the little known facts about the Duke of Wellington as a Freemason.

Once the meeting was concluded, we joined our guests for a refreshing glass or two of champagne.  We were blessed with glorious sunshine.

Lunch was held in the Dining Hall, where we enjoyed poached fillet of salmon, Beef Wellington and Wellington Mess; all accompanied with excellent wines.  After lunch we gave various toasts and listened to speeches. Amongst which the Old Wellingtonian Lodge presented two charitable cheques for £10,000 – one to Metropolitan Grand Lodge, supporting the London Air Ambulance.  The other to College, contributing to the recent purchase of Maclise’s “The meeting of Wellington and Blucher after the Battle of Waterloo“.

We then returned to the sunshine where the wine continued to flow and guests could explore College.  The day concluded with everyone having enjoyed a memorable day.  We wish Christ’s Hospital Lodge no. 2650 the very best for their festival in 2016.

Maclise's depiction of Wellington meeting Blucher
Maclise’s depiction of Wellington meeting Blucher



A report for meeting held on Thursday 13th February 2014

The Old Wellingtonian Lodge met on Thursday 13th February 2014 at Freemasons’ Hall, London for a 2nd Degree Ceremony (Passing). However the candidate was unavoidably detained so could not attend. Our Senior Visiting Officer Edward Bottomley manfully stepped into the role.

The Worshipful Master, WBro Simon Wilson, conducted the ceremony of Passing ably assisted by Director of Ceremonies WBro Rory Shackleton, and also by WBro Derek Barrett as Senior Deacon.  The 2nd Degree is a significant and meaningful event in the journey of a Freemason following on from his Initiation.  This evening’s ceremony was conducted with usual OW style, which the candidate enjoyed immensely, sometimes even prompting the Senior Deacon!

The Master WBro Simon Wilson, also invested officers of the Lodge who had not been present at our last Installation meeting.

After the meeting some 17 members and visitors retired to the Kingsway Hotel for an enjoyable Festive Board that involved more than a little mis-firing!

We look forward to our next meeting back at College on Saturday May 17th.

Honorary Worshipful Master

The President of Wellington College, His Royal Highness, The Duke of Kent, KG, GCMG, GCVO, ADC and Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England has graciously accepted the position of Permanent Worshipful Master of the Old Wellingtonian Lodge No.3404. As Grand Lodge required him to be physically installed he was proclaimed as Honorary Worshipful Master in the meantime.In 1909 the great, great uncle of the present Grand Master, HRH the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn KG etc, became the Worshipful Master of the Heroum Filii Lodge at its consecration, later to be renamed the Old Wellingtonian Lodge. He remained in that office until his death in 1942 – one of the longest periods a Worshipful Master has ever stayed in an office in any lodge, and outstripped only by the Duke himself.

A century later,  as the Old Wwellingtonian Lodge celebrates it centenary year, the Master and Brethren of the Lodge are indeed privileged to be honoured by the present Grand Master, who is perhaps better known to us as the President of Wellington College, becoming  Honorary Worshipful Master of the Lodge.