Installation Meeting – October 2018

The Old Wellingtonian Lodge met for its Installation meeting on 11 October, 2018 to install our new Worshipful Master, W Bro Sidhartha Mallya. Assisted by friends and ruling Masters from the lodges of Repton, Charterhouse and Westminster, and the Secretary Designate of our mother lodge, Household Brigade,  our newly installed Master fluently and confidently appointed and installed his officers and paused to speak passionately and briefly about the importance of looking after our young members and of defending our craft in the face of ill-informed opposition, which he himself had faced only recently. We were also pleased to welcome guests from both Sir Thomas White Lodge and Chapter, Stowe, Onward Lodge No 5540, and Letchworth Lodge No 3505.

The Lodge was well represented with members and guests numbering over 30 on the evening, before repairing for some of the finest beef many had had at a festive board, organised by W Bro Start Bamford and courtesy of the East India, Sports and Public Schools’ club in St James’s. The bar hosted many of those present until closing.

Installation – Common Room to Common Room

On Thursday, 12th October 2017, the Lodge met for its 419th meeting to Install a new Worshipful Master for 2017-18.
A number of visitors joined us for the meeting, including four brethren from West Lancashire, the Worshipful Master of the Old Haileyburian Lodge, Secretary of the Old Chigwellian Lodge, and the incoming Master’s proposer into Masonry, W. Bro.Tony Perry.

The main business of the evening was the Lodge’s Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Derek Barrett to install his successor, W.Bro. Peter Draper – both former members of Common Room – in the Master’s Chair, which he did with calm sincerity and professionalism. The new Master then appointed the Lodge Officers for the coming year and completed the Lodge business for the evening, ending with a few thoughts on Education and Masonry.

The brethren then moved on to the East India Club to dine in happy fellowship and look forward to the next meeting in November, when a 3rd Degree ceremony will be performed.

October 2016 Installation meeting

On Thursday, 13th October, 2016, the Lodge met for its 415th meeting to Install a new Worshipful Master for 2016-17.

The membership were joined by a number of visitors from far and wide, including the Deputy Provincial Grand Master for Yorkshire, North and East Ridings, a personal guest of the incoming Master. The Lodge was also honoured by an official visit by V.W. Bro. Philip Summers, Assistant Metropolitan Grand Master.

The main business of the evening was for the Lodge’s Worshipful Master, Matthew Saunders to Install his successor, W.Bro. Derek Barrett in the Master’s Chair, which he did in a most sincere and expert manner. The new Master then appointed the Lodge Officers for the coming year and completed the Lodge business for the evening.

The brethren then moved on to the East India Club to dine in happy fellowship and look forward to the next meeting in November, to “happy meet again”.

A report on a 3rd Degree and Installation Ceremony

The Old Wellingtonian Lodge met on Thursday 10th October 2013 at Freemasons’ Hall, London for a 3rd Degree ceremony (Raising), followed by the Installation of the New Master.  It is a rare opportunity to conduct two such significant ceremonies on the same day.  They both present challenges but the officers of the Lodge met these challenges with enthusiasm, benefiting all those in attendance.

The Worshipful Master, WBro Bob Bartlett, conducted the ceremony of Raising ably assisted by WBros Chris Collins, Rory Shackleton and Derek Barrett.  The 3rd Degree is a significant and meaningful event in the journey of a Freemason.  This evening’s ceremony was conducted with usual OW style, which the candidate enjoyed immensely.

After a short respite, we commenced our annual Installation Ceremony.  WBro Bob Bartlett Installed ME Bro Simon Wilson into the Chair of King Solomon in fine style, ably assisted by WBro Tom Hawley and WBro Rory Shackleton. The newly installed Master, WBro Simon Wilson, performed his first duty of investing his officers of the Lodge for the year ahead.

After the meeting some 18 members and visitors retired to Bucks Club in Mayfair where we dined famously on grouse. The more intrepid retired to The Royal Ocean Yacht Racing Club for further libations.

We look forward to our next meeting on November 12th at Freemasons’ Hall where we will be conducting another 3rd Degree Ceremony, to be followed by dinner at the Kingsway Hotel.

Report on meeting held on 13th October 2011

The annual installation meeting was held at Freemason’s Hall in London’s Great Queen Street, WC2.

The WM, W. Bro. John Edwards thanked his officers for their support during the past year and invited W. Bro. Paul Haynes White Hill Lodge No. 8425 to assist him in bestowing the highest honour that a lodge can confer on any of its members – the Mastership of the lodge. On this occasion Bro. Count Charles-Nicolas Goblet D’Alviella received the gavel and master’s collar before being installed into the chair of King Solomon.

A fine ceremony followed as Bro. Mathew Saunders presented the working tools of a master mason; Bro. John Rance the tools of a Fellowcraft and the Director of Ceremonies, W. Bro. Tom Hawley, the tools of an Entered Apprentice. Fine style too described the presentation of the addresses to the Master, Wardens and Brethren by VW Bro. Jervis Kay, W. Bro. James Milne and W. Bro. Rory Shackleton respectively. The newly installed master presented his officers with their jewels and wands with aplomb and looked forward with optimism to the Masonic year ahead.

A ballot for two new initiates proved in their favour and notice of proposal to introduce another new member was given at the third rising.

The members were warm in their appreciation that W. Bro. Robin Tilbrook would be awarded London Grand Rank in the following November.

The power and importance of the lodge website, ( proved itself once again when the Secretary, W. Bro. James Milne reported that a former member, W. Bro. Dickon Westmoreland now living in Australia had kindly offered to return his past master’s jewel having read of the need for jewels to be passed onto younger members. A further jewel had been found by an anonymous brother from a Surrey lodge at a street market. Without seeking any remuneration or thanks he had returned it to the Chaplain, a remarkably generous act given the value that such jewels can command by collectors. The newly installed WM asked that his appreciation to both brethren be recorded.

Twenty brethren dined at the Bucks Club although rather more had been present at the meeting.

Report on meeting held on October 14th, 2010

In the annual calendar of a Lodge, the Installation meeting is a notable highlight.  As the Lodge begins it’s journey towards it’s bicentenary, the office of Worshipful Master was taken by Bro. John Edwards.  This is a special occasion for both the Lodge and newly installed Master alike.  For the Lodge, this annual event marks the continual link of membership since it’s foundation.  For the newly installed Master it is a proud and memorable occasion in their masonic career, though some may say a little daunting!

As is customary after an Installation meeting, the Lodge dined especially well at the East India Club.

Report on meeting held on 8th October, 2009

The brethren of the Old Wellingtonian Lodge met at Freemasons’ Hall, London for the annual Installation meeting. The Worshipful Master installed W.Bro. Henry R. Hopking (Anglesey 89-94) into the Chair of King Solomon as the Master to rule the Lodge during our Centenary year. The WM was ably assisted in the ceremony with members from Sir Thomas White Lodge No.1820, Christ’s Hospital Lodge No.2650 and the Old Cheltonian Lodge No.3223.
The Address to the Master was delivered by W.Bro. Geoffrey Baber, with fine style and aplomb. This was especially meaningful as W.Bro. Baber proposed W.Bro. Hopking into Freemasonry seven years previously. The Address to the Wardens and the Address to the Brethren were delivered by W.Bro. James Milne and W.Bro. Rory Shackleton respectively.
After the meeting the brethren retired to St James’s and they dined at the East India Club. The festive board was held in the Canadian Room where everyone enjoyed the superb cuisine and merry fraternal banter. Many have since commented that they hope the Lodge will return there for future festive boards.
The Master and members of the Old Wellingtonian Lodge look forward to the year ahead. It is an exceptional year with 2009/10 being the Centenary of the Lodge. The Lodge has a full programme of events planned. Our meeting on the 26th November will mark the historic date of the Centenary, from when the Lodge was consecrated in 1909. We then look forward to the summer meeting at College, where we will welcome a large number of visitors and guests to join us as we conclude our Centenary celebrations in fine style.

Review of the October 2004 Installation meeting

A Past-Master installed Bro. Thomas Hawley into the Chair of King Solomon in some style. He looks forward to a productive year ahead. A review of the year’s charitable giving followed with letters of appreciation from the several charities that had benefited from members’ donations. A splendid festive board at the Holborn Grange Hotel in Southampton Row was enjoyed by the brethren who were privileged to welcome masters from the Old Bradfield & Old Paulines Lodges and the Visiting Grand Officer Anthony Lucas.