February 2018 – 2nd degree Ceremony of Passing

An unusually large number of members of the Old Wellingtonian Lodge and their guests met at Freemasons’ Hall on 8th February. Before the ceremony of Passing, the Lodge Almoner, Worshipful Brother Jeremy Moreton-Moss, gave a eulogy to remember Brother Ben Hodges LR, who had sadly ascended to the Grand Lodge above since our last meeting.

Worshipful Brother John Ross Barnard presented, in inimitable fashion, a Grand Lodge Certificate to a member who is a fourth generation mason.

The Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Peter Draper (Common Room 2001-2006) then passed a brother to the 2nd degree; Worshipful Brother Moreton-Moss stepped in at the last minute to assist in the ceremony.  Worshipful Brother Charles Goblet d’Alviella gave a first presentation of the 2nd Degree Tracing Board with confidence.

The Worshipful Master congratulated the Lodge on donating £1000 to Alzheimers UK, via Picton House at College; particularly poignant for him, as his younger sister, Wendy Mitchell, has just published the first memoir written by someone who lives with dementia, “Somebody I used to know”; Worshipful Brother Nigel Birch was also able to publicise his book, “No sideshow” about the victory in the Balkans in 1918 (available on Amazon).

After the meeting 31 visitors and guests re-assembled at the East India Club for dinner, which happily coincided with Worshipful Brother James Milne celebrating thirty years as a Mason.

The next meeting will be held at Wellington College on Saturday, 12th May, and will be an Initiation.

Meeting at College – Ceremony of Passing – May 2017

On Saturday, 13th May 2017, a number of Lodge members and their ladies made their way to Crowthorne for the annual visit of the Lodge to College. The Lodge was honoured on this occasion by W.Bro. Vincent Driver, Metropolitan Grand Inspector, accompanied by his escort, W.Bro. Dennis Brown, Metropolitan Grand Deacon, as well as our Visiting Officer, W.Bro. Edward Bottomley, SLGR.
The work performed on this occasion was to “Pass” a brother, which was performed by the Worshipful Master, Derek Barrett. He was ably assisted by the Senior Deacon and W.Bro. Hew Dunn who presented the Working Tools of the Degree and finally, an excellent presentation of the Second Degree Tracing Board by W.Bro. Rory Shackleton.
After the Meeting, we repaired to “Great School” for pre-Dinner drinks and a “White Table” Dinner, which was enjoyed by all.
Perhaps the highlight of the day was to see Bro. Ben Hodges, LR., accompanied by his wife Peggy. Ben has not been able to attend the Lodge for a number of years and it was a pleasure to have them with us on this occasion.
So ended another happy and enjoyable day at College and we now look forward to the October meeting, when the next Master will be Installed for the coming year.

Report on meeting held on 13th October 2011

The annual installation meeting was held at Freemason’s Hall in London’s Great Queen Street, WC2.

The WM, W. Bro. John Edwards thanked his officers for their support during the past year and invited W. Bro. Paul Haynes White Hill Lodge No. 8425 to assist him in bestowing the highest honour that a lodge can confer on any of its members – the Mastership of the lodge. On this occasion Bro. Count Charles-Nicolas Goblet D’Alviella received the gavel and master’s collar before being installed into the chair of King Solomon.

A fine ceremony followed as Bro. Mathew Saunders presented the working tools of a master mason; Bro. John Rance the tools of a Fellowcraft and the Director of Ceremonies, W. Bro. Tom Hawley, the tools of an Entered Apprentice. Fine style too described the presentation of the addresses to the Master, Wardens and Brethren by VW Bro. Jervis Kay, W. Bro. James Milne and W. Bro. Rory Shackleton respectively. The newly installed master presented his officers with their jewels and wands with aplomb and looked forward with optimism to the Masonic year ahead.

A ballot for two new initiates proved in their favour and notice of proposal to introduce another new member was given at the third rising.

The members were warm in their appreciation that W. Bro. Robin Tilbrook would be awarded London Grand Rank in the following November.

The power and importance of the lodge website, (www.owl3404.org) proved itself once again when the Secretary, W. Bro. James Milne reported that a former member, W. Bro. Dickon Westmoreland now living in Australia had kindly offered to return his past master’s jewel having read of the need for jewels to be passed onto younger members. A further jewel had been found by an anonymous brother from a Surrey lodge at a street market. Without seeking any remuneration or thanks he had returned it to the Chaplain, a remarkably generous act given the value that such jewels can command by collectors. The newly installed WM asked that his appreciation to both brethren be recorded.

Twenty brethren dined at the Bucks Club although rather more had been present at the meeting.

Report on meeting held on 14th May 2011

Report for website on OWL meeting at College 14th May 2011

High-summer puts family demands on younger brethren which can limit their attendance. The OW Lodge is blessed with many younger members and several are waiting in the wings for admission. Accordingly every alternate year brethren are joined by the wives, partners and friends to enjoy ‘white-table’ masonry at College. This was not one of those years – but 2012 will be.

Twenty four brethren attended to meet in the Driver rooms. W. Bro Chris Collins acted as Junior Warden; W. Bro John Ross Barnard as Chaplain; Bro. Alex Stuart-Bamford as Junior Deacon; W. Bro. Nigel Birch as Inner Guard and W. Bro Hew Dunn as Tyler. The special dispensations to allow the meeting to be held at College were read.

The Almoner, W. Bro Jeremy Moreton-Moss presented a eulogy for W. Bro. Bill Green who had passed to the ‘Grand Lodge Above’ on 8th March. W. Bro. Bill had served as a visiting music teacher at College for many years matched by his faithful years in masonry. His pupils spoke highly of his abilities and some had turned his wise tutorage into becoming professional musicians. In addition to his teaching Bro. Bill could be heard regularly in London’s West End theatre pit orchestras, thus sadly rarely seen. It was said that he knew the scores of every one of the biggest shows by heart. He was a true professional. The brethren stood in silent tribute to him.

The Lodge saluted W. Bro. James Morgan, Grand Steward, in recognition of his new appointment.

The WM requested that W. Bro Rory Shackleton assist him by taking over the Chair of King Solomon for the duration of the Ceremony of double Initiation firstly for Mr Neil Chadda, aged 24, (Murray 99 – 04) a Client Development Manager then Mr Guy Lynch, aged 25 (Hill 99 – 02) an Asset Management Valuer both candidates proposed by W. Bro. James Milne, seconded by W. Bro. Tom Hawley. The ceremony was conducted with military precision reflecting the training the officiating brethren had received at Sandhurst and their other military disciplines.

A fine festive board followed by courtesy of College caterers.

Report on meeting held on 10th February 2011

Raising: Bro. Jonathan Kim Rance.

Unusually for the month of February the weather, local, long distance and international transport systems all allowed for a good attendance to celebrate the raising to the sublime degree of a master mason.

The ceremony was conducted by the Worshipful Master in the Chair. However, in keeping with our policy of sharing the work in the lodge, the WM requested a past master W. Bro Rory Shackleton to assist him by taking the Chair of King Solomon for the duration of the Ceremony of Raising.  W. Bro. Richard Bradburn, a personal guest of the candidate from the Old Reptonian Lodge No 3725, delivered the exhortation in fine style. The Working Tools were explained in detail by Bro Jeffrey Smith, Whitsters Lodge No 4717, another guest and friend of Bro Jon Rance.

Bro Jon had been proposed by W. Bro. James Milne LGR and initiated on 11th November 2008. The Old Wellingtonian Lodge being blessed with an increasing number of candidates from College wishing to become freemasons Bro Jon had been passed to the 2nd degree by courtesy of the Old Cliftonian Lodge No. 3340 on 15th January 2009.

The former Secretary, W. Bro. John Ross-Barnard JP having returned from a year’s travelling around the world presented W. Bro. Cdr. Stephen Dudley RN with an ornamental china bottle of Australian Navy “Pussers” (purser’s) rum to mark Bro. Stephen’s elevation to London Grand Rank. Members warmly applauded him. 27 members enjoyed a festive board at the Pillars of Hercules.

Report on meeting held on November 9th, 2010

The Lodge met at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London.  As some members had been unable to attend for reasons such as the arrival of a new baby, a number of the offices of the Lodge were filled by experienced Past Masters of the Lodge.  With two candidates for initiation, two ceremonies of initiation were performed, which is always such a memorable occasion.

This meeting marked a very important landmark, as the father of the lodge, W. Bro. Graham Cadie (A 35 – 40) celebrated his 60th year in Freemasonry.  W.Bro. Cadie was presented with a special 60th year commemorative certificate from Grand Lodge and a gift of engraved tumblers from the Lodge.  The words spoken by W.Bro. Cadie gave insight into the history of the lodge and how the health of membership has ebbed and flowed over the years.  It was particularly poignant to hear, on this meeting close to Armistice Day, how many of W.Bro. Cadie’s contemporaries at College has perished in the  Second World War.

Afterwards the members and guest dined at the Grand Connaught Rooms.

Centenary celebration meeting held at College on May 8th, 2010

This meeting of the Old Wellingtonian Lodge celebrated the Centenary of the Lodge.  For 100 years the Lodge has been an important and interwoven part of College life.  Over these past 100 years, members have been and continue to be old boys, governors and masters of College.

On a glorious May day, 24 members and 32 guests attended this historic meeting, which was held in the impressive surroundings of Old Hall.  During the meeting, the Metropolitan Grand Master, the RW Bro. Russell J. Race formally presented the Lodge with a Centenary Warrant. W. Bro. James Milne LGR, W. Bro. Tom Hawley LGR and W.Bro Stephen Dudley gave a presentation on the history of the Lodge.  For many attending, one of the highlights of the meeting was the splendid and thought provoking oration delivered by W.Bro. Stephen Dudley.

After the meeting, 99 people including the partners and non-masonic guests of many members, dined extremely well in the Old Gymnasium.  During the dinner three cheques totally in excess of £10,000 were presented by W.Bro. Henry Hopking, the Master of the Lodge. Amongst these was a cheque for £5,000 to the OW Society Charitable Trust.

The lodge was very grateful to receive a donation from it's mother lodge, the Household Brigade Lodge, as a gift to mark our Centenary.

In summary this was a wonderful celebration of the Centenary  of the Old Wellingtonian Lodge.  It is especially pleasing to be able to report that 100 years after the founding of the Lodge, the size of membership is growing at a healthy pace.

Honorary Worshipful Master

The President of Wellington College, His Royal Highness, The Duke of Kent, KG, GCMG, GCVO, ADC and Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England has graciously accepted the position of Permanent Worshipful Master of the Old Wellingtonian Lodge No.3404. As Grand Lodge required him to be physically installed he was proclaimed as Honorary Worshipful Master in the meantime.In 1909 the great, great uncle of the present Grand Master, HRH the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn KG etc, became the Worshipful Master of the Heroum Filii Lodge at its consecration, later to be renamed the Old Wellingtonian Lodge. He remained in that office until his death in 1942 – one of the longest periods a Worshipful Master has ever stayed in an office in any lodge, and outstripped only by the Duke himself.

A century later,  as the Old Wwellingtonian Lodge celebrates it centenary year, the Master and Brethren of the Lodge are indeed privileged to be honoured by the present Grand Master, who is perhaps better known to us as the President of Wellington College, becoming  Honorary Worshipful Master of the Lodge.

Report on meeting held on 8th October, 2009

The brethren of the Old Wellingtonian Lodge met at Freemasons’ Hall, London for the annual Installation meeting. The Worshipful Master installed W.Bro. Henry R. Hopking (Anglesey 89-94) into the Chair of King Solomon as the Master to rule the Lodge during our Centenary year. The WM was ably assisted in the ceremony with members from Sir Thomas White Lodge No.1820, Christ’s Hospital Lodge No.2650 and the Old Cheltonian Lodge No.3223.
The Address to the Master was delivered by W.Bro. Geoffrey Baber, with fine style and aplomb. This was especially meaningful as W.Bro. Baber proposed W.Bro. Hopking into Freemasonry seven years previously. The Address to the Wardens and the Address to the Brethren were delivered by W.Bro. James Milne and W.Bro. Rory Shackleton respectively.
After the meeting the brethren retired to St James’s and they dined at the East India Club. The festive board was held in the Canadian Room where everyone enjoyed the superb cuisine and merry fraternal banter. Many have since commented that they hope the Lodge will return there for future festive boards.
The Master and members of the Old Wellingtonian Lodge look forward to the year ahead. It is an exceptional year with 2009/10 being the Centenary of the Lodge. The Lodge has a full programme of events planned. Our meeting on the 26th November will mark the historic date of the Centenary, from when the Lodge was consecrated in 1909. We then look forward to the summer meeting at College, where we will welcome a large number of visitors and guests to join us as we conclude our Centenary celebrations in fine style.

Honorary membership – History has been repeated …..

HRH The Duke of Kent, KG, GCMG, GCVO, ADC Grand Master
President of Wellington College

History has been repeated …..

The President of Wellington College, His Royal Highness, The Duke of Kent, KG, GCMG, GCVO, ADC and Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England has graciously accepted honorary membership of the Old Wellingtonian Lodge No. 3404. In 1909 the great, great uncle of the present Grand Master, HRH the Duke of Connaught & Strathearn KG, became the Worshipful Master of the Heroum Filii Lodge at its consecration, later to be renamed the Old Wellingtonian Lodge. He remained in that office until his death in 1942 – arguably the longest period a Worshipful Master has ever stayed in an office in any lodge. Nearly a century later, and as the OW Lodge centenary year approaches in 2009, the Master and Brethren of the Lodge are indeed privileged to be honoured by the membership of the present Grand Master who is perhaps better known to us as the President of Wellington College.